alt textMichelle


I joined LTB as a client the first week it opened. I found that I really enjoyed being coached, as opposed to just going it alone in a commercial gym.

The process of learning to train better and to train for performance related goals, rather than weight loss goals, made me fall in love with exercising and coaching.

I realised that training didn’t have to be a chore and for the first time in my life it became a hobby.

Deciding to become a personal trainer was an easy decision. I think it is such a worthwhile career path, to help people learn that exercise is both fun and rewarding and to help them gain confidence in their physical appearance but more so in their self belief.

alt textJonny

Hi, I’m Jonny Stephens and for the past 6 years I have worked as a personal trainer helping clients to achieve their fitness and body transformation goals. With a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science and a background in Elite sport, I have always had a passion for health and fitness.

Having spent hours in gyms I loved watching people around me getting fitter and healthier and happier and I immediately knew that this was my calling. I wanted to help people become better. I believe fitness is for everyone, no exclusions, and I love to see all my clients blossoming into new people.

My continual reinvestment in new courses and continued learning has allowed me to offer truly bespoke programmes for all my clients, whomever they may be. I focus on a plan built around your loves and hates, so that training is more than just a chore but so you enjoy the process as much as I do. All my experiences has shown that the more you enjoy yourself the more successful you will be…

“When we start enjoying moving, eating and living, having fun in the process, then weightloss becomes easy”.

I aim to take an athletic approach to your training to keep it simple and fad free, helping you develop smoothe form and movement to strengthen and sculpt your body. There is no such thing as a “banned” food, we’ll teach you how to make sensible guilt free choices, and still make room for that little bit of chocolate or the glass of wine that you really love.

While my job description may say I’m here to tell you how to lose weight, I know my role is so much more. I make people happier and healthier and improve their lives, with the added side effect of losing weight.

If you’re fed up of struggling to lose weight or want to feel happier in your own skin then I promise I’ll do all I can to put that smile that you deserve back on your face.

I look forward to getting to know you


alt textAli

Hi, I’m Ali and I’m a coach at one of the best personal training facilities in the world.

I have been passionate about health since a young age, but surprisingly it was a degree in Mathematics that gave me the inspiration to pursue helping others in achieving their health-related goals as a career.

Helping people has always been second nature to me, and something that provides me with such an incredible feeling. So after deciding I wasn’t passionate about Maths and my desire to make a difference to someone’s life refused to subside, I knew that guiding people to become the best version of themselves was my calling.

This lead me to reading, learning and re-educating myself with £1000’s worth of courses so I could provide my clients with the best version of myself. However the courses only took me so far, it was through experience working with my clients that I recognised emotional compassion as being the most vital part of helping them in their journey. My education never stops, as I am currently studying for an MSc in Applied Exercise Nutrition with the University of Westminster, and working in partnership with my clients to help them achieve their fitness goals only makes this more rewarding.

I work with a wide range of people from Physique Athletes to Bollywood Actors to women who are striving to tone up, and they all have one thing in common; they become happier in who they are. Working together, we ensure every nutrition and training programme is 100% specific to the individual, guaranteeing success in the most sustainable way possible. Together we will get results that last, not just for 5 minutes.

When it comes to finding the best way to success for your needs, I will always look to achieve the maximal possible result, with the least possible change. The less impact training with me has on your life, the more chance we have of success together. So don’t worry, wine is not only acceptable, it is sometimes encouraged! There will be no banned foods, no feeling guilty for meal choices and no going hungry!

I want you to enjoy your fitness journey as much as I enjoy helping you through it.

As for the results, I can promise you’ll love them!

I look forward to working with you,